Dienstag, 17. März 2015

the killing joke ...


skin: Tableau - Sean (tone: 01)
eyes: Dead Apples - Phantom Revenge
ears: Mandala - Elf Ears
bloody feets: Clemmm - Bloody Feets // on Slink Feets
tattoo face: Arise - Iceman Tattoo
hairs: Taketomi - Kenji Tied
beard: Aeros - Softest Shadow (Comes with Raul Skin)


teeth: ILLMATIC - The Perfect Teeth - Platinum
nose piercing: Pekka - Hopeless Piercing 
chain: CX - Monk's Broken Necklace (RARE GACHA)
mask: Contraption - (Modded ask if you need help.)
goggles: Contraption - Anti-Flak Goggles (Lucky Letter!)

clothes & equipment:

pants: Enigma - Smuggler Pants LIMITED // Secret Affair
chest armor: EQ - Pani Tunic(Modded, ask if you need help.)
pants armor: Enigma - Smuggler Plates LIMITED tnted// Secret Affair 
belt: Enigma - Smuggler Belt LIMITED // Secret Affair
shoes: CX - Sasu Geta 
scarf: Enigma - Cholia Fur LIMITED
ribs/grapples: PFC - Lethal Ribs (GACHA)
katana on title picture: LR - Masahiro Katana
shield: Aegis - Lethal Words
shurikens on shield: MPS - Shurikens
chest sign: AF - Symbolic Plaque: Assassins
(Heavily modded, ask if you need help.)